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Welcome to the active lifestyle blog of Ralph and Elizabeth (i.e. RE-active). We are active people who make every effort to incorporate fitness into our busy daily lives. Our goal with this blog is to share our fitness activities and healthy lifestyle, both at home and when we travel. We hope our stories will inspire you to stay active, live healthy and explore new places.

Meals On Wheels Fundraiser

Elizabeth and I have been involved with fundraising for Meals on Wheels for 4 years now. It started with doing their annual bike ride around the Tri-Valley. It evolved to recruiting others to sign up for the ride, and this year we took it one step further by creating our own fundraising events.

We appreciate the work Meals on Wheels does and their mission of ending senior hunger in the communities they operate in. We felt compelled to support their mission. With aging parents we can see how important it is to check in on these folks and get them a hot meal. It may be the only human contact they have.

A good friend of ours, Amy, is a certified yoga instructor and we asked her if she would be willing to lead a yoga class for our friends to benefit Meals on Wheels. She enthusiastically jumped at the chance. We invited friends from our various circles to join us for the class and make a donation to the site of any amount they see fit. We invited 40 people for a Saturday evening class and 24 were able to participate. (Not all shown below)

It was a wonderful event. Having our friends come together for a good cause and do a physical activity was truly special. We arranged for some light refreshments after so people could hang out and socialize for a while. We raised $1,200, brought friends together and had a lot of fun. With the help of other friends we have three other fundraising events before the October 13th ride. Being able to help out has brought Elizabeth and I a lot of joy and gratification. If you would like to make a donation here is the link DONATE

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Blender Drink of the Week

This week I wanted to get beets into the drink creation. Here is what I have for you. I took these ingredients with 3 cups of water and blended well in the Vita-mixer. Depending how you feel about the taste of beets, you can add more lemon juice to mask the flavor. #blenderdrink #healthy #beets #blueberry

Summer Hydration Blender

After a long hot bike ride today I blended up this healthy hydration formula.

5 cups filtered water

3 Teaspoon Matcha powder

1 Tablespoon DFH Paleo Greens

1 Tablespoon pure lemon juice

1 Teaspoon honey

2 Sleeves UCAN Hydration

2 Cups Ice

Put it all in a strong blender and blend it up. Makes about 8 cups. Enjoy.

#hydration #nutrition

Run Tour Seattle

I recently had the opportunity to visit Seattle on a work trip which gave me two chances to run and explore the city. I did my usual pre-trip recon so I knew roughly the sites I wanted to hit. I had to hit the icons, Space Needle, Pikes Market , and the water front area. Like all good cities those key points just create the framework for discovery of all the interesting nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered. Here are the two routes I took

I stayed right by the ballparks so that was my jumping off point. The Space Needle was cool to see but it’s looking pretty dated. It now looks campy, retro futuristic rather than futuristic.

I really enjoyed Pikes Market and seeing the OG Starbucks but what I found super cool was all the public art that was around – wall, sculpture, public, you name it.

The city was easy to navigate and felt safe. Drivers and people on the streets were courteous and friendly. I didn’t do a lot by the water from because of the major highway and then some city construction. I found the inner part of the city to be much more interesting. There were some things I didn’t get to see this time around that’s ok though because that leaves something for the next time.

Staying Workout-Ready on Vacation

By Elizabeth

When Ralph and I travel, it’s a given that we pack workout clothes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation, we both know we will for sure get a few workouts in.

So for a recent girls’ weekend at the beach with three workout pals, it didn’t even occur to me to ask in advance if we would be going for a run. I just assumed we would! To my delight, one of my girlfriends made the same assumption and we enjoyed a glorious 5-mile run on the beach.

Shoreline run with Patty
Had to stop on our run for a quick pic at the shoreline.

A native Californian, the beach is my happy place. And to be able to go for a run at the shoreline is one of my favorite things to do.

Outrunning the waves
Enjoying the view

I have several fun trips lined up for the summer and you can be sure my running shoes will be among the first items to go in my suitcase!

4 Tips for Refreshing Your 2018 Resolutions

By Ralph —

We are now 7 weeks into the new year and it’s about the time when New Year’s Resolutions start to fade into the busyness of our daily lives. If you are losing traction on your resolution, I offer these few thoughts:

1. Was it realistic? Instead of scrapping the idea, maybe just a reframe or adjustment is needed.

2. Was it visible? Post it somewhere it’s visible to you every day so it serves as a reminder of what you want to accomplish.

3. Do you have an accountability system? Is someone helping to keep you accountable to your resolution? If not ask someone to partner with you and do the same for them.

4. Do you have a reward system? Figure a point where it’s appropriate to give yourself some intermediate rewards for being on the right track.

A couple fun ones have popped up for me recently. One is the 1000 Mile Run Club on Strava. I want to see how quick I can get there this year. The other is in my Apple Watch step counter. My goal is 2 million steps this year.

Don’t let your strong motivation and good thoughts from January go to waste. Now is the time to refresh your resolutions. Do you have any other tips for keeping your resolutions fresh? I’d love to hear them!

Close The Loop

I recently did a run I’ve looked at a few times on the map, but hadn’t had a chance to do before. It made me happy to finally check it off! When I visit our Renaissance ClubSport Club and Hotel in Aliso Viejo, I typically run one of three courses that are all 7 miles long. I alternate to keep things fresh. Two of the runs extend out on different sides of a circular course , but I’ve never closed the loop . I could see on a map that they came together but I never took the time to run the extra distance to connect the two sides. The other day I got an earlier start determined to run the whole loop, and I did it. Map brought to you by Strava.

Here is my challenge for you, what is your loop that needs to be closed? What little fitness challenge can you give yourself to keep things interesting? I’d love to hear your thoughts or accomplishments big or small.

Spice Up Your Run in 2018

By Ralph —

Spice up your runs in 2018 by adding some strength stations to a common loop. Here is an example from what I did yesterday.

The loop is 1.1 miles, I had 5, about evenly spaced stations – Push Ups, Step Ups, Sit Ups, Pull Ups, and Squats. I used a flat rock for the Step Ups and a play structure for the Pull Ups. You decide the right number at each station but make it challenging. Run from station to station if you can, walk if you have to. Decide how many rounds to do. I ran to the park, did 3 rounds, and ran home a slightly longer way.

Have fun.

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