How to Stay Fit on Vacation

By Ralph

A very common struggle on vacation is maintaining some kind of a workout routine. You have worked hard all year to achieve a level of fitness, maybe even in preparation of that vacation, and you don’t want to lose that progress while you are away.  Here are some of my vacation workout tips.

I personally really enjoy working out on vacation because it allows me to break my normal routines and explore new places. I understand not everyone shares my enthusiasm for vacation workouts, but with the right frame of mind, you will come home feeling much better if you get a few workouts in.

Christmas Day run in Santa Monica
An early morning run in Santa Monica while visiting family for Christmas

I break vacation workout opportunities into two categories. You can decide for yourself what works best for you and the people you are vacationing with. The first is the “Get it Done” workout. This is about getting 3-4 workouts during a weeklong vacation done in the hotel fitness center. This is great in areas that may not be safe to explore or when you have to be as efficient with your time as humanly possible.

The second, and way more interesting is, “Build It In” workout.  The ideas are endless on this depending where you are vacationing. On a recent trip to New York, Elizabeth and I had a few active things on our list that had us out and about enjoying the city while burning calories in a fun way. I had my heart set on renting bikes and riding across the Brooklyn Bridge and Elizabeth wanted to walk the length of the High Line Trail. We did both of those things on the same day without public transit, starting from our hotel in Time Square. We had the best time, took tons of pictures, and got our workouts in at the same time.


But as with most things, preparation is key! Spending just a few minutes on the internet before your trip is the best way to take advantage of your workout time regardless of what you do. Knowing what equipment is available in the hotel fitness center will help you make the most of your time. Discovering in advance there is limited equipment and space available will allow you to bring a body weight routine with you, giving you a better chance of success.

I also look to see what athletic clubs and gyms are in the area and what their guest policies are.


I like to use websites like Strava and Map My Run to see posted runs from the area I’m visiting. These websites give me local knowledge on the best places to run, walk, hike or bike before I even get there.

With the right mindset and a little advance preparation, staying fit on vacation can be fun and add a lot of great memories to your vacation. Get there, explore, and have fun staying fit.

An 8-mile Adventure Run in San Diego

By Ralph
One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity it provides to meet with leaders in the fitness industry throughout the country. This month, I had the good fortune of meeting key members of Total Gym and working out with their master trainer on their latest equipment. What these type of business trips also give me is a great opportunity to explore new ground on what I call adventure runs.

The morning before my meeting, I planned a run tour of San Diego. I was staying at the Marriott in the Marina,  which is a great starting point for a run. Because I have been to San Diego many times, I knew about where I wanted to go, but the night before I went onto Google Maps and planned an 8-mile route.

8-mile course

This route hits many of the major sights in San Diego, and with the emphasis on Balboa Park, I saw a few new places.  And that, by the way, is one of the main things I look for when I plan an exploration routes.

I started out running clockwise along the harbor. The energy is great in this area, with lots of runners and walkers out, and the USS Midway is always amazing to see.

USS Midway

Once you hit the airport, Harbor Drive gets less interesting, so I made a right up Laurel St. This is the connector to the park and a really nice climb, about 1.1 miles and about a 250-foot climb. Laurel runs you right into Balboa Park and that’s when the fun really begins. I just let the sights take me wherever and I ran around exploring. Here are a few of the cool things I found.



After the park, I headed south down 6th street toward Petco Park. This ballpark seems to be one of the few I have encountered that has pretty good pedestrian access all the time. I always get a kick out of running around ballparks. There are usually some cool statues, historical monuments and interesting architecture to see.

Petco Park


6th street from Balboa Park to Petco is pretty much all downhill, giving you back the elevation gained on Laurel.

After my round there, I hit the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge getting me safely over Harbor Blvd and right by the convention center.  From there it’s a straight shot back to the hotel. Or it could have been. A pretty good flight of steps at the Convention Center caught my attention. Naturally I was compelled to do a couple sets on the steps before finishing up my tour of San Diego.


The whole route was 8 miles and I had a great time.

Welcome to RE-Active!

Welcome to the active lifestyle blog of Ralph and Elizabeth (i.e. RE-active). We are active people who make every effort to incorporate fitness into our busy daily lives. Our goal with this blog is to share our fitness activities and healthy lifestyle, both at home and when we travel. We hope our stories will inspire you to stay active, live healthy and explore new places.

Running through Las Vegas

By Ralph

I recently had to travel to Las Vegas for a work trip. It’s always tricky to keep the workout patterns intact while traveling, but with some planning and commitment it’s possible. 

When I get to a new city, I prepare for a morning run by first going on Google Maps and seeing what points of interest are within three miles of wherever I am staying.  I always look first for a bike path, major park, or trail system in the area.  That can take a lot of the guess work out of an unknown location. I also look to see if there are any major districts on the map. For example, a district I always enjoy in any city is the Arts District. There is one in Las Vegas just off the north end of the strip. There is always great graffiti art in those areas and usually some cool buildings to see. If you look up the city’s art district you will get the whole history of the area as well as the main points of interest.

I did that this time in Las Vegas because I can only run up and down the strip so many times.  For me, it’s important to try and see something new everyIMG_1456


time I go to a city.  Here are a few of the pictures I took running around the “18b” or 18 Blocks Art District of Las Vegas. Just a sample of what you can see when you adventure outside in a new location.