The Last Race of 2017

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By Ralph —

My last race of the year was the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas. This was a very special race because we participated as part of a fund raiser for Team Quest for ALS, a fundraising branch of Augie’s Quest. With the help of ClubSport associates, members and vendors we were able to raise over $60,000 to fund research.ALS Vegas Start

This was particularly rewarding because it was a true team effort. Everyone stepped up to support the cause. We even had other large athletic clubs from around the country that participated in their own fund raising. I am very proud to be associated with the outstanding leaders of the The Atlantic Club, VIDA Fitness, and Greenwood Athletic Club.

 Participating in a race where the focus was far beyond me and my own fitness goals was awesome. The commitment of the Augie’s Quest team and all participants was truly inspiring.

My challenge to you for 2018 is to do a fundraiser race on some level. Find a race you want to do and a charity you want to support and make the commitment. It always helps to drag a few friends into the mix. I think you will find the experience gratifying.

ALS Group

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